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We provide a Software Support Agreement to reassure you in the knowledge that you can rely on:

  1. Telephone support by voice, email and modem 
    Wherever possible we endeavour to solve your problems over the phone, either to access your computers remotely, or to talk the solution through with one of your staff

  2. Free problem solving and call out 
    If we are unable to solve your problems over the phone, we will call out an engineer to your premises, usually by the end of the following working day


  3. Regular pro-active support visits && virus checks 
    If we have not received support calls from you for some time we will pay you pro-active support visits to provide on-going support and advice.


  4. Emergency support out-of-hours 
    We will, on request, provide you with an out-of-hours telephone number for the most serious emergencies where there is a business-critical risk from the failure your systems.

We will provide all of these services to you for a single annual budgeted figure, with no "call-out" charges, although this will not cover the installation of new equipment.


We Develop software to allow better maintenance of clients systems.

We have a number of products to do this:

  • Software Updates manager program

  • File Migration helper utility

  • Microsoft Exchange helper utilities

  • Remote Management assistance software

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