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Architecture Model Sketching


In order to develop a coherent ICT strategy for your organisation, you must first understand the systems you already have and how they should be integrated, not only with each other, but also with new systems. After an in-depth on-site examination, we will produce an audit report and plan for implementation, detailing the actions and steps that you should follow in order to make the most effective use of ICT within your organisation.


Our report will focus on:

  • Documentation

  • Planning

  • Policies

  • Procedures

  • Strategy

  • Systems


On the basis of our recommendations you will be able to ensure that your systems are:

  • Standardised
    the hardware and software platforms you use should be consistent and reliable

  • Secure
    your data should be regularly backed up and free from danger in the case of a virus, or other disaster striking

  • Supported
    key ICT staff should be receiving the appropriate training and support required to make your ICT infrastructure work in concert with your organisational requirements

Analysing Data




Network Hub and Cable


Tube Lights
People Working in Open Office



As a specific piece of one-off advice, or as a set of recommendations following an audit, we offer expert assistance on planning, procurement and installation of infrastructure and hardware & software.


We have also assisted many customers in their selection and recruitment of new ICT staff.

Our staff offer experience and expertise at all levels; whether you need advice on high level strategy, industry best-practice documents and procedures, or simply a suggestion about the most appropriate laser printer.

We can assist you with the design, planning and implementation of your organisation's systems, whether those systems span a small office environment, an entire building, or a number of regional offices.

Be it bespoke systems design, configuration of off-the-shelf products or network architecture, we cater for your specific needs.

Our team of network engineers are experienced in the installation, configuration, troubleshooting and support of local and wide area networks, servers, workstations, switches, firewalls, routers, PCs and printers.

Our committed team of experienced engineers will provide you with the same high level of service, whether you need a single PC setting up, or 30 servers and 500 PCs.

We can supply just about any component of ICT: software, hardware, copiers, cabling or phone systems. Our clients return to us because our competitive prices are backed up with exceptional service and free advice that can often save you both time and money.


We put a great deal of effort into ensuring that we know about the best deals available, so that you do too.

We are authorised resellers for Hewlett Packard, Apple, 3Com and a wide variety of other hardware manufacturers.

We also offer a domain registration service to our clients. If you are considering registering a '.uk' domain, we would refer you to the Registry's terms and conditions at

The effective use of ICT does not just mean owning the right systems and having the right procedures, it also means having staff that have the right skills. Whether you are updating existing equipment or investing in entirely new systems, it is vital that your staff are appropriately trained.

We offer training courses in all current Microsoft server and client applications, at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels - including macro programming and development.


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