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Ever since Thames Information Systems Ltd (TISL) was founded in 1986, our client list has steadily grown as a result of favourable recommendations from satisfied customers.

TISL is committed to being a quality supplier of PCs and networks, providing high-quality, name-branded equipment with full support and backup.

Not only do we provided hardware, but also innovative and value-for-money Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions. Our talented and versatile team of consultants, engineers and trainers provide a one-stop shop for all of your ICT needs.

Although we have a number of well-known corporate clients, we primarily cater for:

  • Trades unions

  • Professional bodies

  • Trade associations

  • Campaigns



With the depth and breadth of our experience and expertise, we can approach your information from every angle, from the initial audit of your legacy systems and networks, right the way round to the design, supply, implementation and ongoing support of new ones.

TISL's main areas of service are:

  • systems audit

  • consultancy

  • network design and implementation

  • supply of hardware & software

  • websites, web hosting and internet services

  • training

  • support

Through valuable contacts built up over the many years of our existence, we can also assist you to find the right supplier of cabling, hardware maintenance, telephony systems and bulk printing services.

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Our extensive list of current clients include:

Trades unions, charities, professional & membership organisations


Music & arts related organisations

Commercial organisations

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